"We not only customise your vacation, 

We personalise your experience as well!"


It takes lots of effort to bring people together, put a plan and to make sure it gets executed perfectly. It felt more like a family trip than traveling with a group of strangers because it was a small group tour (10 travelers) !! These guys are professional, friendly & honest . Both of them were always on their toes through  out the trip. Thanks for being fantastic hosts !

- Sheetal, Apple Inc.

Sikkim, Darjeeling

Travelling with Ventilator Village (India Travel Agency) to Sikkim & Darjeeling has by far been the best experience I have had till date. The trip was seamlessly organised.  

The itinerary given to us was followed by the drivers assigned to us. The drivers assigned to us were patient and courteous along with being punctual.

- Aakash, Atmecs

Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ladakh 

There's a couple "out there" which believes in travel not just to "A Home away from home!" but also with "A family away from family!". 
The roaming duo seems to be exemplary in their knowledge of localities, right from the street food to the shopping districts of a city.

- Honey, F5.com

Bhutan, Meghalaya, Spiti

I have travelled with Ventilator Village (India Travel Agency) multiple times. Ventilator Village is a group tour company who specialise in seeing those unseen places. They have travelled themselves to all of the destinations before setting up a tour to find the appropriate hotel, eateries, area attractions and natural wonders.

- Carolyn, Canadian citizen

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