Arunachal Pradesh "Land of Dawn Lit Mountains"


The country’s wildest frontier and least explored state. Nine large Himalayan rivers flow through the state which leads to the preservation of a great diversity having 90 different spoken languages, more than 40 tribes, 7 different traditional festivals and 8 types of folk dance. 

Bamboo baskets and smoking pipes, cane belts and furniture, weaved clothes and carpets, wooden carved weapons and figurines, metallic jewelry and arrow heads and textile patterns are major source of income for household.

Considering the topography of Arunachal Pradesh, “Jhuming” also known as shifting cultivation is the type of farming that sustains majority of people.

Bomdila, a soul – seeker’s retreat, has virgin forest and gorgeous fruit orchards;  Ziro Valley, paradise for adventure – seeker’s, has sprawling rice fields and quaint villages; Tawang a little hamlet for spirituality – seeker’s, has ancient Buddhist monasteries and alpine lakes.

Arunachal Pradesh is beautiful state with unspoiled landscapes, rich history, nature’s beauty and warm people, that one cannot afford to miss.

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