Carolyn Glover

Lahaul 2018, Unseen Meghalaya 2018, Bhutan 2019, Royal Ranthambore 2019, Chalo Spiti 2019

Over the last year, I have travelled with Ventilator Village's Nomadic couple 4 times: Lehaul Valley and Kelong, Unseen Meghalaya, Beautiful Bhutan (VV organized this customized tour), Ranthambore National Park and in a few months, Spiti Valley.


Ventilator Village is a small group tour company who specialise in seeing those unseen places in India, and also Bhutan. They have travelled themselves to all of the destinations before setting up a tour to find the appropriate hotel, eateries, area attractions and natural wonders (e.g tree root bridges of Meghalaya).

If they are not familiar with a process, I.e. If foreigners need a special permit to travel to certain areas, they will do their research with their local contacts/authorities to ensure we have the required documents (if applicable). They are a fun and interesting couple and if you travel with them, you are also guaranteed to have a fun, interesting and unique experience.