Honey Das

Royal Rajasthan 2017, Leh Calling 2018

There's a couple "out there" which believes in travel not just to "A Home away from home!" but also with "A family away from family!".

Introduced through an office acquaintance and a frequent traveller with not great experiences from local travel companies, I was a bit sceptical before I decided to take my family (group of 7) on the Golden Jaisalmer trip with Vartika and Kshitij. To go ahead was a great decision that I made!

All “properties” (as they call it ;)) were comfortable and safe and not even a single member of my family felt unattended (thanks to their sense of humour :P). The trip was very well planned and executed, allowing us ample time to enjoy both the local sightseeing and shopping spree (not to miss the numerous photo sessions where Kshitij would lead the group and Vartika tail behind ensuring no one went missing).

My family had one of the best Christmas in the dunes of Rajasthan given to the surprise cultural event and Santa’s gifts.The roaming duo seems to be exemplary in their knowledge of localities, right from the street food to the shopping districts of a city. They care and extend support just like a family member when you need them, and are definitely worth joining in one of their “Calendar” trips.


Keep smiling and exploring!Cheers! :)