Ventilator Village isn’t just about travel, it’s about Kshitij and Vartika, their Life! Their Dreams! And their Beginning!  

Our passion for travel inspires us to plan perfect itineraries, look out for appropriate accommodations and provide valuable guidance to all our guests. To ensure this, Vartika & Kshitij plan itineraries only to places that have been extensively explored by them; Be it about local cuisine, sightseeing spots and places to stay. We are here to focus our energies towards bringing a positive change in the existing traditional travel industry by being transparent and delivering excellence in our services.

If you are in love with the cities, you have never traveled to, and people, you have never met, then Ventilator Village is the one you have been waiting for.  Because we not only customize vacations for your friends and family, but we host group experiences for individuals as well. In order to transform you forever, Vartika and Kshitij take you on a voyage of a lifetime to the unseen places where you hear the enchanting stories with a complete group of strangers.

For Vartika and Kshitij, Travel is the fourth basic necessity as it helps them to question the traditional society norms, search happiness in little things and to stay away from the negativity of mundane life. . Join them on our upcoming trips as a stranger to meet new people, bond with them, make friends and leave with stories to share.


Hop on sometime to know how we are Redefining Group Travel.


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“They call themselves the 'Nomad Couple' - they forget to add 'with a big heart'!”

- Pritika Gulati -

“Of all the travel groups I have traveled with over the years, Ventilator Village top the charts.”

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“One of the best arranged and coordinated trips I have been on.”

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