"Experience with Kshitij and Vartika on our recent 2019 Leh Ladakh September trip-

Journey of Leh Ladakh : Awe-inspiring !

Initial thoughts before Leh trip:
-Leh Ladakh was my dream destination to travel to, since past 3 years & for some reason or the other, I couldn't make it there yet .
-This year too following every year pattern, my well planned trip was just about to be cancelled when all my close friends couldn't join me on this trip due to their various personal reasons & I was left to go alone on it from my hometown .
-To travel solo with group of unknown people was my first time. On top of it, trip of a challenging terrains like Leh Ladakh, lead by unknown hosts, whom I was gonna meet for first time,was something I was alot anxious about before the trip .
-Trust me,100s of times I talked out to different people for their advise,10s of times asked Kshitij & Vartika to cancel my booking, but at the end all I could say, it was one of my finest decision to let go my concerns & take this travel alone at start,but at the end, returned home with a family of new people staying just a little far away from home .

Moments :-
Warm welcome accompanied by Hugs & Smiles from host Kshitij and Vartika to stranger like me & to each member of this new strangers group, that too just upon landing in Leh, well that speaks enough about the caring & sweet hospitality I was gonna bestowed upon with on this trip ahead !
Couldn't have imagine better start to trip than this.

To go beyond professionalism & touching hearts of every tourist with their simplicity, kindness, genuiness & sporting spirit is something I adore of this special couple of Kshitij and Vartika.

Knowing every minute details of the places, sharing the valuable cultural differences & traditions of the locals with enthusiasm,having good relations, possessing same warmth & affection with each of theirs property owners/business partners is something very rare to find in todays world but is unique quality of Kshitij & Vartikas group.

From being brutally honest in their work culture to being totally approachable to make sure pleasurable experience for all, along with taking good care of each member's health & wellness is what I admire about Kshitij & Vartika's group.

I had the priceless 10 days of my life & thanks to co travellers & host, that helped me gain the first heavenly experience on Earth with them.

Name one thing which you want to have on your dream trip & it's all done and dusted here for me with this one.
-Loads of laughs, Memories, Snow-clad mountains, Majestic Valleys, Ghost story telling sessions, Personally viewing Milky way in clear sky from best coast line ever, Watching fallen stars live, Camel rides in desert,Tasting yummy tibettan food,Living through daily sub zero temperature, Playing with snow at Himalayas,Experiencing chilly waterfalls,Live music at Manali, Bonfire, Unexpected adventures of traversing through running water stream via creating human chain with expert Kshitijs advise in the dark pitch night, Walking Barefeet on cold water & pebbles on roads in tough times of landslides & surviving together through the common struggles of the group, Late night dinners at pahadi dhabas & many such countless lifetime moments/experience which wont have been part of my life otherwise ..

I still get goosebumps on checking the pictures of the trip,still get emotional sailing through the emotions I had with everyone on this magical trip,not always I am destined with such good luck but hey, yes this time god favoured mine & gave trip and people for my life time .

The trip with Ventilator Village would be true to their name in every sense,refreshing & ventilating the life of each tourists by just being in their mere presence .

To all the future trips with them, I invite you the reader of this review,get out of your daily schedule,find out some time & come explore on the journey which you might be planning for long & get served with nothing less than a blissful experience .

With love and hugs ,
Blessed traveller of Ventilator Village ,"

- Mahesh Ahuja- Leh Ladakh 2019