8 Reasons Why you need to step out for Family Vacations

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

In the days where solo travelling is the new guitar for the youngsters of our country, we (Kshitij & Vartika) both took a vacation with family and realised the need of doing it regularly. 12 of us traveled to Shimla for New Year celebration and here are the 8 reasons why you should travel with your family too.

1. Bigger Group gives you luxury to book a Private space and Transportation

For our accommodation, we were lucky enough to book a more than 100 year old, non haunted private villa which was made by Britishers, it had 6 bed rooms, an attic and a private garden for our bonfire every evening. In addition to the villa, we also booked a 15 seater private toy train for our travel to Shimla. The whole journey was filled up with music, food, photo sessions and masti.

2. Children learn new things while Travelling

It is a proven scientific fact that children learn a lot while travelling, they experience new things and their horizon expands. I remember an incident from one of our vacations with our niece Avika (5 years) and nephew Avyaan (2 years); where at the end of the trip, we asked Avyaan, “What did you enjoy the most?”, and he replied “calling at intercom and ordering French fries and Fanta on my own”.

3. Strong bonding with Extended Family

It has been almost 3 years that we both are married but with few of our relatives we got chance to meet only on formal gatherings with a lot of other people around and of course limited time. But on this vacation, we traveled with all our cousins and developed a great bond with not only brothers and sisters but also a stronger bond with their better half’s. I (Kshitij) got to know Kapil, my brother in law closely and could relate to him as a friend more than a formal relative.

4. Economical

When you travel in large groups all expenses are split equally so it gets economical and with each person ordering food for themselves, you also get more options to try at new places.

5. Bonfire sessions are a great Ice Breaker for bonding and sharing secrets

Whatever happens on vacation stays there, is a must rule you should keep while travelling with family. This will help few people to loosen up while bonfire sessions. We played Dum-Charades and did ghost story sessions over bonfire.

In our case most of the young siblings were always afraid of Aditya (eldest brother in family) but at bonfire sessions when he shared his college and school stories with the younger ones, they were more open to share their incidents with him.

6. Safe place for girls who want to experience Solo travelling

It is a must to travel with family for those girls who want to travel solo but have not traveled much, it gives them an idea about how to plan and pack for travel. Travelling with family is the most safe company to experience and experiment new things.

7. Counselling Sessions

You can share your problems to the whole group to take their advise or can also have one on one counselling sessions with someone you bond with in family. This can be a good space to pour out your heart if you are going through a struggling phase. At a neutral place (a place away from home) there are fewer distractions and more discussions.

8. Permanent Co-Travelers

Why to wander and look out for travel companions outside when you have in-house co-travelers, you just need to shortlist destinations and send it in family’s Whatsapp group.

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We (Kshitij and Vartika) got married on 17th April 2017 with a promise to each other that we will travel at least once a month and since then we have traveled to 76 destinations and still counting. With this travel blog we wish to inspire you to step out of the cubicle life and take the journey with your loved ones.
Kshitij and Vartika
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