An open letter to Corona Virus from a Travel Agent

Hello Co-Vid 19

Before I start this letter, let me share my greetings with you, who the Fuck asked you to come in our lives? We were happy, we were growing, we were travelling, we were exploring but then you decided to come as an unwanted surprise guest in our lives.

Do you even know, what have you done with your appearance in our lives? I on behalf of the whole tourism industry want to give it on your face –

· You have taken away jobs from people in tourism and hospitality sector, these people saw dreams with their loved ones, dream of making a home, dream of sending their kids to good schools and colleges and now you have made them unemployed.

· Hotels which were always full of guests and their demands; you have made them haunted places with darkness everywhere and no ray of hope.

· Sightseeing places which were echoing with tourist’s selfies are now in deep silence

· Cabbies that used to sleep in cars during their assignments are having sleepless nights at their homes because they don’t know from where they will buy their next meal

· Ohh yess! You do have made those idiots suffer as well who littered mountains and beaches, but you have yourself littered hospitals with dead bodies. Those who died were lover of someone, child of someone, parent of someone and friend of many

· We used to get queries for travel bookings; now with your presence we are getting emails for the refund statuses

· Some of us are also trying to sell pay now travel later options to guests but then who knows when that later will come

· Earlier we used to smile whenever we met people, now they can’t even see the depressed look on mask covered face.

· There is no support from the government of some countries for the tourism sector, as they are in continuous and endless war with you

· Established agencies are being shut because of the heavy overheads, Airbnb is not launching their IPO, my heart aches while thinking about small scale travel agents, don’t yours?

Let me share something with you, this is from the times when you were not born, every travel agent was happy, every travel agent was prospering economically as well as emotionally. Some of us were also doing responsible tourism, some of us also wanted everyone to do responsible tourism but none of us wanted no tourism at all. Without tourism most of us will die hungry, I on behalf of the tourism sector request you to go away. Go away to some place from where you cannot travel back in our lives.


Travel Agent

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