Meeting the Lord in Pushkar

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Travel Date : 23rd December 2015

One thing which was on my agenda list when I reached Pushkar was to see sun rise as well as sun set at the ‘Ghaat’.

I checked Google and it said 7:14 is when the sun will kiss the beautiful small town of Pushkar in Rajasthan (145 kms drive from Jaipur). I did not want to miss this opportunity so on 22nd evening, after reading my book I set multiple alarms on my mobile for 6:30, 6:31, 6:32 and 6:35 am. The Ghaat was 5 minutes walk from my hotel room as most of the hotels are close to the holy pond. I was so excited even in my subconscious mind that with the first tone of 6:30 am alarm I was up.

It was very cold outside so I wrapped myself in two t-shirts, one sweater and one woolen jacket, took my water bottle, camera and my drum sticks.

When I reached Ghaat, there was already light but sun was yet to appear in his courtroom from a world behind the mountains. It felt like the King has sent the message that soon he is going to appear in the court.

There was a Pundit who asked me to buy some Prasaad (sweets to offer to God) before I enter the Ghaat as there are so many temples at Ghaat. Few shops were already open in market. But I did not buy any material offerings, I was there to meet an old friend and the only present I could offer him was my love.

Someone asked me to remove my shoes before getting down at the Ghaat. Indians consider it as a taboo if you enter religious places with your shoes. If I think logically to this then this particular custom must have been started to avoid the dirt to enter from outside in the house of lord but then we are humans and our superstition will ask us to take a bath in the same pond and leave our dirt or in fact offer our dirt to the God but not let us enter with our shoes on. Funny, isnt it?

As I was waiting for the king in his court, there were other guests as well, some waiting intentionally and some didn’t even know that they are going to be part of a special moment.

I had company of a man who was taking bath in the pond and was enchanting some Mantras which I could not understand. Another was a Saadhu (monk) who was coming out of a temple and he was not wearing any clothes, we call them Aghoris which are believed to be devotees of Shiva who have stopped wearing clothes and apply ash on their bodies in order to achieve Moksha. Then there were tourists, some clicking selfies for social media, some looking for pundits for rituals, some excited about the place and some shouting at their children to be cautious near the lake. There was a foreigner family who was caressing a cow near them and the reason was not religious.

Other than human existence I had the company of countless birds (pigeons, crows, sparrows, swans and others migratory ones whom I have never been introduced before). Some birds were flying around in the court , some were hiding behind whatever shade they could get. Some were eating the delicacies humans offered them.

In addition to the birds, I was accompanied by two dogs, one was talking too loud and the second one sat patiently behind me, maybe he was also waiting for the Lord like I was.

Then there were trees and the water inside the pond which was waiting for their Lord. The mountain doors were protecting the court.

Even with so much presence there was solitude and peace within.

As sun was approaching the court slowly, his aura was being reflected on the mountains which made me fight the cold inside. I could feel the warmth inside and then there was the first glimpse of him who can’t be conquered, the one who is the Supreme, the one who feeds the universe, the one who lives inside everyone.

As he walked inside the court my eyes glittered with the awwness of his aura and my heart became one with him. Tears started falling from my eyes and smile became friends with my lips. I could have not asked anything else in that moment. I could see different colors in its ring – yellow, red, orange, pink and many more which we humans are yet to find. I sat there and was just there in that moment.

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