# Men SHOULD Cook

In Indian society, it is difficult for a man to enter the kitchen and prepare food, especially for his wife, he thinks that the society might laugh at him or rather mock at him, thinking he might prepare tasteless food, or burn it, or perhaps destroy the entire kitchen, and later he will be judged by the society as “Jhoru ka Ghulaam” (wife’s servant).

As a boy his mother never taught him anything about the kitchen, nor his father knew anything about that area because it was always his mother's or sister's KRA. His father was supposed to bring money in the house but not cook food in the kitchen, it was female’s department. But with changing time, with women giving all sort of competition to men in the professional front, we men have to overcome the fear, beat the social stigma, enter kitchen, learn and cook.

It's ok to fail initially or getting mocked by people. You can always take help and guidance from your wife if you are married or from your female friends or if you do not have any of these options, you can always use Google Baba. I use Google’s help as well as Vartika’s guidance.

Vartika contributes in the professional front as much as I do, so I thought it is time for me to learn cooking and share the responsibility and tasks of our house, not only kitchen. I used Valentine month as a reason to start with; she loves her first meal of the day and hates to cook the same, so I made 14 different breakfast items starting from 1st Feb 2020 till Valentine’s Day 2020.

With this blog, I want to inspire all men to remove their hash tag “men can’t cook” and add a new one "Men SHOULD Cook" and start learning from today itself; When females can juggle excellently between work and household tasks, then what's stopping men to do so!!

I am sharing the items which I made for Vartika and most of them took less than an hour to make.

Note– All photos are clicked by us and with our phone camera MI Note pro 5.

1st Feb, 2020 - Kanda Poha

(I found this one the easiest...but the art is all about soaking poha in the right quantity of water and for the right time)

Approx cooking time - 20 mins

2nd Feb, 2020 - Namkeen Sewai OR Salted Vermicelli

(This is Vartika's favourite and she likes it with a lot of veggies and lemon)

Approx cooking time - 25 mins

3rd Feb, 2020 - Pizza Toast on Multi-grain Bread

(I used ready made pizza sauce for this dish and it turned out to be amazing. If not oven, then you can just toast it on pan with some butter. Really a quick breakfast)

Approx cooking time - 20 mins

4th Feb, 2020 - Moong Dal Cheela

(Churn it, Spread it, Flip It And Serve it. That's what Vartika told me to do!! But yeah the first 2 of them were a challenge in spreading and flipping. NOW I am a Pro!!)

Approx cooking time - 15-20 mins

"Women belong in the kitchen, Men belong in the kitchen, Everyone belong in the kitchen, Kitchen has FOOD"

5th Feb, 2020 - Bread Roll

(P.S. these were not in my cook list, until Vartika told me that her most loved breakfast is bread roll. Now what, I had to roll-up my sleeves to roll-out these.)

Approx cooking time - 40 mins

6th Feb, 2020 - Indian Scrambled Eggs

(Now this is my signature dish!! One dish where looks don't matter, after all everything is scrambled...)

Approx cooking time - 20 mins

7th Feb, 2020 - Veg Burger

(Another or rather most favorite junk of Vartika. This one looks easy and it is even, but as long as they [Buns, Patty, Sauces & veggies] all decide to stay together. Thanks to the invention of Tooth Pick for keeping them stacked together.)

Approx cooking time - 30 mins

8th Feb, 2020 - Sabudana Khichadi

(Overnight planning is required. Trick is to soak sabudana in water in the ratio of 1 : 1 and don't overcook to get the picture perfect dish. Do serve it with hot tea, it complements! )

Approx cooking time - 10 mins

"Gender Equality is a human fight not a female fight"

9th Feb, 2020 - Sunny Side up

(Sunny side up or Getting-Late-For-Work Breakfast. Quickest one this is.)

Approx cooking time - 5 mins

10th Feb, 2020 - Poori with Chole and Achaar

(Okay, So this is my(Kshitij) favourite and It was my birthday too.

P.S. Pooris were done by our maid :p, but not chole, they were solely magic of my hands :D )

Approx cooking time - 45-50 mins

11th Feb, 2020 - Idli Sambar

(Thanks to MTR Idli mix and Everest Sambar masala)

Approx cooking time - 40 mins

12th Feb, 2020 - Omelette

(I love eggs! Easy to COOK & Healthy to EAT....Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz khaao Andey!)

Approx cooking time - 10 mins

"FOOD is a Symbol of love, when you don't find words"

13th Feb, 2020 - Falafel with hummus

(Difficult to Make but easiest to Order when in Kasol.)

Approx cooking time - 1 hr

14th Feb, 2020 - Banana Pancake

(Vartika is a dessert lover, so thought of surprising her by this today!)

Approx cooking time - 20 mins

If you also believe that Men SHOULD cook, then do share this blog with your friends and with the Man you think should cook.

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