Pritika Gulati

Unseen Meghalaya 2018

They call themselves the 'Nomad Couple' - they forgot to add 'with a very big heart'! My husband, Rahul, n I undertook our first trip post our wedding with Ventilator Village and a couple of friends last September. Right from the start, they did more than the basics one would expect when travelling with a group.


They'd clearly done their homework when it came to the destination.. what to see, how to travel, what to eat, where to stay etc. But what was more impressive it the way their ensured the group stayed together.

They had a unique relationship with each one of us in the group which then enabled the rest of us to get comfortable with each other.

Each person's unique needs taken care of and all our individual idiosyncrasies handled expertly! N it doesn't just stop with the end of the trip. They ensure they keep on touch with group, reliving memories of the fun we had together.. even today, 8 months since the trip, our WhatsApp group is alive n kicking with the group's camaraderie.. n it's clearly visible, this #Nomadcouple - Kshitij and Vartika are the glue that bind us together!

Waiting for the next trip guys..! Soon!