Sheetal Dubey 

Leh Calling 2018

Vartika and Kshitij, thanks to both of you for making my LEH TRIP with Ventilator Village as one of the best I had in recent years.

It takes lots of effort to bring people together, put a plan and to make sure it gets executed perfectly. It felt more like a family trip than traveling with a group of strangers !! Thanks for being fantastic hosts !


These guys are professional, friendly, honest and they take care of group like their own friend & family.Through out the trip both of them were always on their toes, no doubt they managed to pay attention to everyone’s likes and dislikes in the group. There was no false promises, just plain straight forward, what we got in the trip was more than what was promised for. I am sure they did it thinking how they would like to do it for their own family members or friends. I found two of you as friends worth holding for lifetime :):)


I would highly recommend this team to anyone who would like to do a fun filled trip in India in a safe environment with affordable price, hassle free and friendly people to travel with…


Vartika and Kshitij, Keep your spirits high and continue doing the awesome work, I am looking forward to do more trips with Ventilator Village and Nomad Couple